Types of Pet Turtles

Have you ever considered owning a pet turtle? Many types of pet turtles are available, all with unique features.

Box Turtles

Box turtles have high-domed shells and short, thick legs for roaming on land. These turtles are not good swimmers, but because they need water to survive, they are often found near water. A good home for this pet has lots of room, plants, natural sunlight and a few rocks for hiding. Box turtles are excellent diggers, so if kept in an outdoor pen, this turtle may try to dig its way out. Box turtles have can a long life span of around 30 to 50 years.

Red-Eared Slider

These turtles are about 11 inches in size, and the females are usually larger than the males. Red-eared sliders are known for the thin red stripes found behind their eyes. A happy home for a pet red-eared slider would be a glass aquarium containing both water and land for the turtle to explore. These pet turtles also prefer warmer temperatures around 75 degrees fahrenheit as well as exposure to natural sunlight.

Painted Turtle

One water-dwelling pet turtle is the painted turtle. While they enjoy swimming in an aquarium, painted turtles also require a spot of land and plenty of sunlight to live comfortably. With their beautiful colors and markings, painted turtles are popular pets.

Russian Tortoise

This somewhat flat turtle is a pale yellow color with black or dark green markings, although some Russian tortoises have no markings at all. Russian tortoises are only about 10 inches in size and are good diggers. They prefer to stay under rock crevices, but Russian tortoises will also steal burrows from other animals. As pets, these turtles are happy in glass or plastic cages filled with rocks, logs and sand. Russian tortoises also need adequate lighting and the temperature monitored.